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Olsen Orthodontics Testimonials

What Our Patients Are Saying

When I met Dr . Olsen he was giving our office “lunch and learn”. Though I have been in the dental field for 20 years as a RDA. I had little knowledge about Orthodontics. I had no idea about the importance of early treatment. As a result of his presentation that day, it motivated me to pursue treatment for my then 9 yr old Daughter. Recently, I decided to see him for a 2nd opinion consult for myself. I was scared away 7 yrs ago for TMJ diagnosis. From a Patient perspective, I felt my anxiety slip away. I appreciated his honesty, options given and his genuine care for others. All of the Staff are knowledgeable as well as personal. They have been like an extended Family. I would from my professional and personal experience highly recommend this Orthodontic team to everyone!

Heidi D.

Dr. Olsen and his staff are so warm, welcoming, kind and friendly. It is always nice to work with a team that cares. Our daughters had a great experience and our end results are two of the most beautiful smiles we could ask for. We recommend Dr. Olsen to any one looking to brighten their smile! Thank you Dr. Olsen!

Patti L.

Dr. Olsen and his staff helped me smile again. After a fall that traumatized my front teeth, everyone at Olsen Orthodontics worked quickly to preserve my natural teeth and guide me through the healing process. The entire staff is highly professional and efficient, but even more importantly, they are kind, caring for each patient and addressing his or her unique needs. They provide an upbeat, fun-filled environment for young patients, and a place of comfort and understanding for this more “mature” one.

Shirley C.

Dr. Olsen and his staff are the nicest people. They were so detail oriented with my daughter and made her feel completely comfortable during her exams. Dr. Olsen took the time to discuss all options of treatment with me before proceeding. He didn’t act aggravated with questions, wasn’t rushed at all and was so sincere. His office was quiet and efficient. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs orthodontic work done or who’s child needs orthodontic work done

Chelsea H.

Dr. Olsen and staff are fantastic! He came highly recommended and he is an excellent orthodontist. Having braces as an adult is not the most pleasurable experience but I found it not to be fine because of Olsen Orthodontics great work. They are very responsive and flexible to my schedule. I’m about half way through my treatment and my youngest daughter just started her phase 1 treatment.

Sharief T.

Dr. Olsen and his staff are like family. Our family feels right at home with his care. Thank you Dr. Olsen for taking good care of our children and their mouths.

Maria N.

I can’t say enough about Olsen Orthodontics and their staff. I love them all! They are amazing!

Monica M.

I sincerely cannot imagine a better orthodontic practice. Dr. Olsen and his wonderful staff managed to completely restore the trust of my child, after having had several negative dental experiences with other providers. In addition to the clearly extraordinary level of expertise in orthodontics, Dr. Olsen exhibits superlative skills in terms of patient care. He is extremely patient, creative, flexible, brilliant, empathic and genuinely kind. After an extended period, I can say that all of our experiences there have been overwhelmingly positive, from each lovely person involved in the practice. I consider having found Olsen Orthodontics to honestly be one of our greatest blessings and cannot recommend this office enough or more highly.

Beverly F.

Wonderful office and we love all of the staff. Warm and inviting atmosphere and pretty location, too. So happy we chose Dr. Olsen to care for our son’s teeth and you will love this office and awesome staff, too!

Genny C.

Service received at Olsen Orthodontics is absolutely fabulous. Everyone that works there always greets me with a smile. I always look forward to my next appointment because of this. And my smile is looking perfect!

Sandy V.

Three family members have had their smiles perfected here! We love Dr. Olsen!

Kirsten C.

I was pretty bummed out about having to get braces again as an adult, but I could not have asked for a better experience! The office has video games and cookies. Not a bad egg in the bunch, everyone there is delightful and helpful. Clean office, friendly people, straight teeth… what more could you ask for? 🙂

Brittany M.